Daily Activities

Park Farther Away From Your Destination

Parking at the farthest spot in the lot will add a lot of extra steps in your walk.

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Going for the stairs instead is a significant routine to practice as it can increase your heart rate and tone up your legs.

Do It Yourself

Doing small errands on your own instead of asking someone else to do it for you will cause you to spend  less time sitting.

Stand Up

Being on the phone for a while or while watching television is a better time to stand up or do some stretches.

Take A Walk Break

Walk for 10–15 minutes a day during your free time.

Commute Differently

If you rely on public transportation, try getting off the train or the bus one or two stops early from your usual stop and walk the rest of the way. If you live close enough to work, skip the bus and hop on your bike or walk your way to it.

Jog in Place

Do some jogging while standing or watching television.

Take a Walk at Lunchtime or After Dinner

Walk to a coworker’s office instead of calling or emailing

Wash and wax your car by hand instead of driving through the car wash

Lift light arm weights while talking on the phone

Do Household Chores

Wash the windows or car. Work in your garden or yard.

Walk the Dog

Try to Be Active As A Family

Play tag or catch, and any sports during your free time or vacation.

Wake up with a glass of water

Practice a habit of drinking a tall glass of iced water after waking up. It helps you stay hydrated, energize your metabolism, and flush out body toxins.

Do a morning stretch routine

Starting your day with stretches decreases blood pressure and minimizes inflammation within your body. It also aids in beating up addictions by producing natural feel-good endorphins and relieves stress and anxiety. Do a mix of stretches that can exercise all your muscles, and do each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Do them after getting up from bed. You’ll feel livelier and may be less inclined to smoke.

Clear your lungs with a deep-breathing session

A significant way to lessen stress levels while also clearing your lungs is by doing deep breathing exercises at least twice a day. Take deep breaths – five seconds of inhaling through your nose and five seconds of exhaling through your mouth. Do this while inside an elevator or waiting in line.

Get outside for the fresh air, not to have a cigarette

Practice a mindset of not having a smoke when going outside. Instead, take it as a chance to brisk stroll. Schedule for a walk during lunchtime or right after dinner.

Eat healthy snacks

Your nicotine cravings (and urge to bring something to your mouth) can be minimized by grabbing for a healthy snack like fresh vegetables.

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