Download Juan Heart Lifestyle Application

Why wait to have a heart healthy lifestyle when you can start now? Download JUAN HEART and get started!

What is Juan Heart?

What is State of the Heart? State of the Heart is lifestyle application that guides you in doing proper exercise and lifestyle management and yes even if you’re at home or at work. This application can keep your heart healthy and prevent you from getting possible risk factors. It’s not just that, this application can educate you why you should be taking care of your heart to have a healthy lifestyle. Changing your eating habits, and exercising more is not as complicated as it seems, but starting to may be.

We will help you stress a lot less, complete that last set of the workout. To stay constantly up to date with the latest researches and sciences, we will constantly consult with professionals as well. We cannot assure you that we have all the answers since the world of health is very dynamic, but we can assure you that we will do our best to constantly keep up to date on the latest news around the world of a healthy lifestyle.

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